Lake Lawson - Smith Master Plan Virginia Beach, VA Completed 2010

Lake Lawson - Smith
Master Plan
Virginia Beach, VA
Completed 2010

The Lake Lawson-Lake Smith open space encompasses three peninsulas situated between two freshwater reservoirs in northern Virginia Beach. InSites’ master plan effort included public design workshops, conceptual master plans, feasibility studies of priority elements such as the boat launch and new circulation, and the Master Plan Report. Plans for the 40 acre park include: updated access points, additional parking, updated boat ramp, kayak/canoe launch, trails, restrooms, interpretive signage, storage for rowing shells, overlooks, shoreline restoration and preservation of most of the land on 2 out of the 3 parcels.

InSites developed construction documents for the initial improvement phase which includes fishing station upgrades, the boat ramp and crew pier, outdoor education area, trails, overlook structures, parking and the pedestrian bridge linking the north and south peninsula.  We developed strict tree and natural resource protection specifications which apply to all construction activities on the sensitive site. We provided construction observation services throughout the course of the project.

InSites received a Planning Merit Award from the Virginia ASLA in April 2011 for their work on the Lake Lawson-Lake Smith Master Plan.