Bonnaroo Installation "Don't Flip Out" Nashville International Airport 2017

Bonnaroo Installation
"Don't Flip Out"
Nashville International Airport

InSites is a creative studio combining art and landscape architecture. We believe in the power of public open space, art, infrastructure and shelter to enrich and inform our daily lives, create memories and to define a community. Our public artwork is grounded in natural processes, the environment and heightened connections between people, spaces and art. We anticipate how the art is enhanced by the elements, including wind, light, and water. It is meant to be experienced on many levels and to stimulate the senses and people’s awareness and connection to a place. 

Our projects range from an intimate mosaic in a child’s courtroom waiting area to large roadway installations of glass mosaic and steel sculpture, and from rippling steel park railings to a tire tread walkway in a landfill turned sculpture park; each is inspired by their context. We’re accustomed to working with multidisciplinary teams and the public and thrive on the collaboration and synergy of a well matched creative team.  We’re currently seeking projects that offer a balance of designs to be fabricated and integrated into larger construction projects by others and those that allow hands-on work.